Oxford Limited is a private limited company, wholly-owned by the University. The Board of Directors are appointed by the University’s General Purposes Committee of Council. The list of current board members is:

  • Dr Kate Blackmon, Associate Professor in Operations Managemenet and a Tutorial Fellow in Management Studies, Said Business School

  • Chris Evans, Managing Director

  • Christine Fairchild, Director of Alumni Relations

  • Prof Jonathan Michie, President of Kellogg College and Head of Continuing Education

  • Prof Mike Wooldridge, Head of Department of Computer Science and Professor of Computer Science

  • Laura How, Chief Operating Officer, Bodleian Libraries

  • Professor Abigail Williams,  Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English, St Peter's College

The Board of Oxford Limited are responsible for setting the strategy for the company, monitoring progress and reviewing for approval every new licensing contract to ensure that the proposed products are relevant to the University, its history or accomplishment's and uphold its reputation. The board submits a report twice a year for review by the General Purposes Committee of Council.

Annual Review

Oxford Limited's Annual Review introduces the company, its purpose, work, and highlights of the operation from the past financial year. The 2017 Annual Review is now available.

Ethical Trade

As guardians of the University's consumer trademark and retail operations, Oxford Limited looks to protect the University's reputation across all aspects of its commercial activity, and the development of an ethical trade programme is a further demonstration of this.

Together with ethical trade consultancy Impact, we have developed a policy that helps us, our licenses and suppliers to begin to map the supply chain, identify and resolve issues, and work with all parties to ensure the code of conduct and key obligations are met.

Contact us for further information.

Commercial Advice and Support

Oxford Limited provides advice and expertise to other parts of the University who wish to develop their own commercial activity.

For example, our brand licensing expertise has been increasingly sought by University clubs and societies who are in discussions with third parties, regarding the licensing of their intellectual property. In these instances, Oxford Limited is able to advise and/or negotiate on behalf of the clubs to secure the best deal for the clubs long-term and also ensure the University's reputation is protected.

Trademark Registration and Protection

Oxford Limited is responsible for the protection of the University's trademark, the belted device, in all commercial classes around the world. This work entails the application for new trademark registrations in specific product categories relevant to the brand licensing programme, and the renewal of those registrations that remain required, as they come up to expiry.

We also run a watching service to ensure that no other individuals or companies can register marks that could be considered to be confusingly similar to that of the University's, anywhere in the world, and we take action when we find evidence of any kind of unauthorised use of the mark, on products and services that have not been licensed by us.