Oxford Limited was established in 1991 as a subsidiary company of the University of Oxford to establish and manage a shop selling University gifts and merchandise in Oxford.

The scope of the company has grown over the years with the introduction of an e-commerce business and also the launch and development of brand licensing programmes for both the belted and shield trademarks.

Based in Oxford, the company now runs a successful international business, and returns all profit back to the University.


Programmes to manage the use of the University’s belted arms and shield trademarks on commercial products are now well established. The domestic programme focuses on the reproduction of the shield on souvenirs and merchandise produced for the tourist and visitor market in Oxford and London. The belted arms is central to the international programme which together with pattern inspired by University archives and collections concentrates more on a consumer lifestyle proposition and product categories.


The retail programme encompasses the University of Oxford Shop on Oxford's High Street, as well as the e-commerce business, www.oushop.com. They are the only official retail outlets of the University and stock a curated selection of high quality gifts and merchandise that appeal to visitors and tourists, as well as staff and students of the University, and residents of Oxford.


Of the services provided by Oxford Limited to the University the most popular is the bespoke merchandise option which sources and coordinates the production of official merchandise for University departments, colleges and clubs.