Licensing Propositions

Careful thought has been put into how we can translate the undoubted reputation and fame of the University of Oxford into a relevant and appropriate consumer brand. In order to do this, we have identified values for the brand, which we will ensure are embodied throughout the programme, guiding the product development process and dictating the profile of retailers that we will seek distribution through.

We have also worked on how the breadth of opportunity can be translated into a range of different product categories and this has resulted in category focus areas that concentrate on particular aspects and attributes of the University, demonstrating how these could be translated into product.

Finally, we have designed a packaging system that allows for different emphasis on aspects of the brand according to the relevance to the product that it contains.

This work is supported by a fully developed Creative Guide, available for licensees and agents, which lays out the technical specifications and artwork required to ensure that the brand is presented consistently, wherever it appears in the world.