Oxford Limited develops and manages the University's global brand licensing & trademark protection programme and serves to promote and protect its image around the world.

The company works with a network of licensing agents across different territories to develop new business and manage the growing number of licensees that join the licensing programme. Agents include:

With a belted version of the University's 800 year old arms as its trademark, the licensing programme translates Oxford's core brand values and eight centuries of heritage into consumer product across a broad range of categories from apparel and back to school, to toys and games, furniture and stationery.

Products developed by licensees must demonstrate a relevance to the University, its history or accomplishments, and each proposed license that we grant is reviewed by the Oxford Limited board of directors to ensure continuity. All product also completes a comprehensive approvals process managed and coordinated by Oxford Limited and its network of licensing agents, to ensure that the product is appropriate and fit for purpose and that the trademarked logo and University crest, copyright and legal lines all feature correctly.

Together with the University of Oxford name and logo, the creative resources available to licensees include a wide range of college crests and coats of arms, as well as 40 sports club badges. The University's world class libraries and museums, such as the Bodleian and the Ashmolean, also provide a rich source of reference and source material for Oxford's brand licensing programme. These archives and collections provide licensees with inspiration for product development and pattern for product application, while the architecture of the colleges, their history and traditions, also offer creative opportunities.